Scientific interests: Development of methods of physical-chemical modification of quality of elastomeric articles in order to regulate their exploitation properties, technology of manufacture of tyres and rubber articles. Has developed principles of new ways of physical modification of technical rubber articles surface by method of ion-assisted coatings under conditions of self irradiation. The author of 234 papers, 12 manuals, 4 patents.
Scientific partners: Kazan National Research Technological University, Volgograd State Technical University, Voronezh State University of Engineering Technologies, Vyatka State University, production amalgamations:"JSC "Belshina"" (Bobruisk), "Belpromstroyindustriya" (Minsk), "Amkador-Elastomer" (Minsk), "Argchim" (Nizhny Novgorod), "REAM-RTI" (Moscow), SV-Engineering (Slovakia).
Teaching activities: Has developed and delivers the course of lectures: "Technology of Rubber Articles"; has developed Educational Standard on speciality "Chemical Technology of Organic Substances, Materials and Articles". Manages the work of post-graduates.